All you need to know about Slip and fall injury at Tim Horton’s

What is Tim Horton’s?

Tim Horton’s Inc is a popular fast food restaurant chain in Canada. The company is popular for its “double-double” coffee and donuts. The multinational got merged with Burger King on August 26, 2014, and is now a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International which is an Oakville-based holding company. Being the popular coffee and bake-house, this restaurant is always crowded, thus providing a good amount of chance for slip and fall injury. Hiring a slip and fall lawyer at Toronto Grillo Barristers will allow you to seek a fair and right amount of compensation for your direct loss like loss of income and medical costs. Tim Horton’s has a general liability insurance (business liability insurance) which covers it in case of any claim filed against it including personal injury claims and property damage.

What does the court consider in case of a personal claim?

The personal injury claim aims to provide fair and reasonable financial compensation to the plaintiff (injured person) for his pain, sufferings, permanent injuries, losses, and expenses.  Tim Horton’s have liability insurance company. If you want Tim Horton’s to accept your claim, you should calculate the accurate financial value to the components of the personal injury claim.

  1. The court considers a claim for loss of income in two ways, whether you have suffered an actual income loss or diminished earning capacity.
  2. Actual income also has 2 parts: Loss of past income and future lost income.
  3. Calculate lost earnings like salary loss due to the accident. Calculate this by adding future earnings also.
  4. Past income component is the money lost from the time of the injury to the date of the trial or settlement.
  5. Future loss of income is the expected date till when can you return to work. This may be the exact date. Therefore, you need a medical expert with an actuary or an economist to advice you on this.
  6. Calculate all medical care and rehabilitation costs. Include all costs not covered by our insurance and future medical and rehabilitation costs. Mention both past and the expected future bills.
  7. Claim for property damage like damage clothing/ damaged items.
  8. Claim for the pain and suffering costs. Take your lawyer advice on this. Though, not quantifiable, this is an important cost to calculate.

How can an attorney help you?

You have to provide enough evidence that the injury is caused at Tim Horton’s by someone’s negligence in case you decide to go for a personal claim. Slip and fall lawyer at Toronto, Grillo Barristers has knowledge about the personal injury laws of your state and he will help you in collecting evidence from the site. Also, these lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to pay unless you get your settlement.