Freeze drying process is becoming more and more accepted in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Freeze drying process is used to store, stabilise and increase the shelf life of drugs and other biological products.

The process of freeze drying is done by lowering the temperature of the product to freeze it and then applying high-pressure vacuum to extract water in the form of vapour. The vapour is collected on a condenser, which turns into ice and is removed. Lastly, the temperature is risen gradually to extract all the remaining moisture from the product. The final product continues to be in the same physical structure and is easier to store and transport.


Nowadays the applications of freeze drying have gone beyond just pharmaceutical and biological products. People are discovering the advantages of freeze drying. You can buy Harvest Right freeze dryers for the particular use of your product.  Following are some of the uses of freeze drying:

  1. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  2. Freeze drying of food to extend the shelf life of food while maintaining its quality
  3. Coffee is known for its aroma and to maintain that aroma after roasting freeze drying is used.
  4. NASA and military rations use freeze drying of food because it is much less in weight and volume. Hikers and astronauts use freeze dried food to carry with them
  5. Fruits are freeze dried and will retain their colour and flavour when rehydrated.
  6. In technology industry, products are freeze dried to make them stable.


There are many different types of freeze dryers in the market which are also sold by Harvest Right freeze dryers:

Contact freeze dryers

Contact freeze dryer works by using the contact or conduction of food with heating element to give sublimation energy. The main role is played by the shelves which act as the conductors in the process of heat exchange. The heat energy thus gathered is then removed through the silicon oil system which also provides energy during drying.

Radiant freeze dryers

These kinds of freeze dryers use infrared radiation to heat the product on the trays. These trays can be placed above the flat trays containing the products so that they radiate downward on the product. This type of heating does not penetrate the product however, they give a uniform heating.

Microwave – assisted freeze dryer

These freeze dryer uses a microwave to ensure deeper penetration into the product in order to expedite the sublimation and heating process in freeze drying. This method is complicated as the temperature of the microwave is to be maintained carefully.