Apps for converting Mp4 to MP3 on Mac

There are a number of video streaming platforms and a number of video songs that are not in the MP3 format. Now, the question arises, as to how to convert .MP4 to .MP3 on Mac. Well, for this, you will need a good video converter and we have a list of them right below.


The first application that comes in our mind, not just for the video format conversion, but for lots of other videos related problems is the VideoDuke. This has been the favorite video downloader for all the Mac users, but few of them knew that this application is a good video converter too. You could not expect the exceptional performance from any other application that VideoDuke gives to its users. It could download the whole playlist from YouTube and the way in which it converts the videos in MP3 is outstanding.

To convert the video into MP3, you just have to download the VideoDuke app first and after that, you need to switch to the YouTube interface directly. Once you go to the YouTube section, you just need to select the video that you need to convert. Once you have selected the video, you will see that the application has itself started to prepare the download procedure. After that, you need to go to the audio tab. There, you will see a download button. You have to click that button and you are done. Your audio file will be saved in the default storage of your device.


The name of the application itself suggests that the application is very light and tiny. You need to log in your YouTube Id with this application and get started. Once the previous step is complete, you need to go to the YouTube section and then select the video you want to convert. In order to download that particular video, you need to first copy the URL of that video and then paste it in the search bar. After that, go to the drop-down menu and then select the MP3 format. You could also select the format in which you want to download the file, as airy has a lot of options for that.


If for some reason, you could not have the previous two converters, then you could give this one a try. This is the best alternative for either of the two converters. Be it the conversion of a video to an audio file or extraction of audio from a movie or a documentary from YouTube, this application is capable of doing all of it. The audio formats that this downloader supports are MP3, OGG, and M4A, etc. The users look quite impressed with the amazing user interface that this application has to offer them.

With this, we could conclude that converting videos into MP3 files is no longer a problem if you use any of the downloaders. Also, all the downloader mentioned here is very dedicated and do their job nicely.