Cancellation of the IELTS examination process!

If you had applied for the IELTS and having some unavoidable situations to not take the exam on that date. After you know about the situation after a1 English test booking or IELTS do not take much time to inform it to the respected centers. This helps you to avoid the unwanted loss of money that you had paid for it. There are some time limits and the rules that are listed here.

Time duration for the refund process:

The time limit for the refund is divided into four categories under those restrictions you will receive the money. Those are,

  • 14 days and more time limit before the exam date
  • Within 14 days of the exam date but before 2 days of the exam
  • Within two days of the exam
  • On the date of examination or after that date

If you had informed about the circumstance that you cannot take the exam by 14 days and more time limit before the exam date then the British council will help you to get 75 percent of the refund money of the total fee structure. But if you canceled your exam within 14 days of the exam date but before 2 days of the exam then you will be allowed to get 50 percent as a refund of the total exam fees as a refund.

If you are intending to cancel the exam within two days then you are allowed to receive only 25 percent of the total frees as a refund from the British council. But on the last, if you inform the cancellation on the date of examination or after that date then you will not able to get any amount from the respected council. Although there are some liberations for the people who cannot able to avoid that situation. Those categories are listed on the exam application form everyone should read it carefully before they apply for the exam.

Exceptional test takers:

If you are under an unavoidable situation but you had informed to the center about that cancellation you cannot receive a refund but you can get the option to write the exam by postponing the exam. Within the five working days you can have the access to write the exam one you apply. If not your test center will reach you within seven working days in the case of writing. Here, they take down your case as an exceptional but all these need some strong evidence. This should be submitted within 5 days of your exam scheduled date or else you cannot get any of the exceptional availability.

If you need to get the fee by checking the reasons in the form of evidence they will refund the fee but they charge the administration fees which will be no more than 25 percent. The exceptional cases are under,

  • Serious medical condition
  • Military service
  • Evidence of trauma or significant hardships.

For these serious reasons, your exceptional will be accepted. All these rules and structures are formed by the British immigration council. They have the complete authority to accept and progress with your conditions. This is the detailed information about the IELTS life skills cancellation process by the terms of the British council.