Caring For Moving Truck Rental

If you will rent a truck like van rentals in Essex for example to make your move, know that some precautions are essential to ensure safety and economy in transport. Check out our tips!

Many people prefer to rent a truck and move it privately without hiring a specialized company to take care of the entire loading and unloading process. When making a move, planning is essential to avoid unforeseen events, especially when you intend to transport yourself. See what precautions you should take with the vehicle rental to transport your goods, and check out our tips for safety and economy in the truck rental.

1) Truck Size

Properly sized for your move is critical for logistical and money-saving reasons. You will avoid having to make more than one trip or pay for unused space inside the truck. The correct thing is to inform the complete list of your furniture and objects so that the company can perform the calculation (in m3) and check which is the ideal truck for your move. Typically, a small change is approximately 15m3, and a box truck 2.20 high x 2.10 high x 4.10 long is sufficient for transport.

2) Security Materials

So that all your furniture and objects arrive intact at the destination, your move must be safely accommodated inside the truck. Check if the company provides blankets and blankets to pack home appliances, electronics, and furniture.

Also, confirm that the truck has ropes and straps to tie the objects to not move inside the trunk. This way, it is possible to avoid scratches, bumps, and breaks. But remember: proper packing of all belongings is essential.

3) Review Up To Date

Nothing worse than getting stuck on moving day due to mechanical problems with the truck. To avoid this type of problem, see if the company has carried out all the inspections to ensure the correct maintenance of the vehicle.

Check if the truck is in perfect conditions of use and, if necessary, do a previous test, checking the brakes, steering, and gear shifting.

4) Insurance

For your peace of mind, opt for insured trucks. It is challenging to avoid 100% of the inconvenience that can happen during a moving transport. Therefore, it is preferable to anticipate any unforeseen event. There are companies that, in addition to trucks with insurance included, offer the GPS tracking service.

5) Documentation

Before hiring, request all vehicle documentation to check if the truck is authorized for transport. Don't forget that the driver must also have his documentation up to date and must be qualified to drive trucks. Depending on the type of vehicle, you will need a driver's license C.