Chinese Poker And Its Variants

Chinese poker has become very popular and people can play the game on many online casinos. One such casino is situs Judi online. Chinese poker is a game of high stake and there are many variants, which people can play on their computers or mobiles. Many people are showing interest in this game. There are many variants and people can choose any of them to play, enjoy, and earn money. In this article, we will discuss some of the variants.


This is a variant of Chinese poker in which 19 cards are dealt with the two players. The remaining cards are kept in the stub, which has their importance. Two boards are used in this game. People have to make three hands in this game. The first hand should be of high rank, the second should be low, and the third should be high. The first two hands have to be made with five cards each and the last hand should be made with three cards. After making these hands, six cards remain which are used to make Omaha and Hold’em hands. Cards are dealt on one of the boards to make Omaha's hands. If there is a tie between the players, then cards are dealt on the second board and players have to make Texas Hold’em hands.

Open-Faced Chinese Poker

The game has some differences with standard Chinese Poker. In this game, all the 13 cards are not dealt with by the players. First, each player gets five cards, which they have to set. These cards cannot be moved after the setting has been done. After each player plays all his five cards, each player gets the remaining eight cards one at a time to complete 13 cards. There are chances of making fouls so players must be very alert while playing the game. Each player gets one point for each hand. If any player sweeps all the three hands, he gets six points.

Open-Faced Chinese Poker with Royalties

Open-faced Chinese poker is a fun game and if royalties are added to it, fun and entertainment are increased. Royalties help in increasing the value of points and people get more than one point for their hands. Players get five cards first and remaining cards later on. So for the first five cards, royalties start with a straight hand. Points increases when the rank of hands increases.

Open-Faced Chinese Poker with Fantasyland

This is a variant of Chinese poker in which Fantasyland is added. When a player gets two queens or better cards, he enters into a fantasyland. People receive all their 13 cards, which they have to arrange. If royalties are also added to the game, people who are in fantasyland get more points.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the variants of Chinese poker which are very popular and the player can play them anytime and anywhere on websites like situs Judi online. Chinese poker and its variants are becoming very popular as more and more players are showing interest in them.