Choice Of Color For Your Restaurant

Finding color in all concepts that encompass a restaurant arouses feelings that we want customers to identify with and transmit to them.

It is not enough to have a delicious-looking plate of food to stimulate a person, the image of food increases the blood concentration of a hormone that is responsible for appetite. But you also have to pay attention to the color of the logo since it arouses sensations through visual perception that will affect emotion and human behavior.

Next, we will identify and explain each of the colors so that you can choose the one that you think best suits your hospitality business.



This color is associated with arousal stimulation, such as passion and energy. It improves appetite and activates neurons and nerve impulses.

When we think of food, the color red is usually associated with tender, juicy meat or even a sweet caramel.

Many well-known brands such as Coca Cola consider it the color of their brand.



The blue color is used in many corporate brands, and for the hospitality business type it is difficult to fit in since it is the one that generates the least appetite.

Generally, it is associated with technology companies. But if we mix it with white walls and a Mediterranean decoration, you can associate it with healthy Mediterranean food.

This technique is usually used by seafood restaurants and german kitchens london. They reflect the vision of water and fresh air.


Orange is a special color that gives off energy, optimism and fun, but it should be used with care since it may reflect little professionalism.

When you think about color and food, the first thing that comes to our blanket is oranges or tangerines. It is appetizing, stimulating and tasty food. You can build vitality and joy with clients. And that helps them consume more when it comes to eating and drinking.

Orange can be used together with other colors to lower it a bit so as not to overwhelm and transmit good feelings.


This color transmits happiness, joy and youth. As it is a powerful color, care must be taken as with the orange color, using it delicately.

Fast food restaurants tend to use this type of color the most.