Choosing the Interior Design Style For Your HDB Home In Singapore


HDB properties are increasingly common, especially in large urban centers. And the smaller the size, the greater the challenge of using the spaces intelligently and attractively. However, there are some tricks to decorate small apartments that will leave the place extremely cozy, more functional and even give the impression of being larger.

We have listed the best tips for you to put into practice and make the perfect interior design so that your apartment is the way you always dreamed of.

Prioritize light colors

Light tones reflect light and therefore give the feeling of spaciousness. So, choose neutral tones for large areas, such as walls, floors and furniture. Some examples to escape white are ice, pearl, off white, straw, beige and pastel tones. Choosing these colours does not mean that your apartment will be monochromatic.

Define a palette with more than one neutral color and apply the 60-30-10 rule to avoid mistakes. It consists of applying a light and main tone in 60% of the environment, a secondary light color in 30% and investing in stronger and more vibrant tones in 10%, that is, in the details, such as pillows and decorative objects.

This rule is excellent for combining colors with a harmonic proportion. Another excellent tip for not leaving your flat monotonous is to explore the textures of blankets, curtains, upholstery, carpets and wallpaper. You can share this with your interior designer for the proper executions of these plans.

Let the light in

Much is said about taking advantage of the sunlight for reasons of economy and sustainability. But its benefits go beyond that. Natural lighting is a strong ally to decorating small apartments, as it gives the feeling of visual amplitude and more coziness to the environment. In addition, the light reflects on the clear walls and illuminates every corner of the space.

To take advantage of it, favour light curtains made of light and fluid fabrics. Transparency will allow sunlight to enter and, at the same time, guarantee privacy inside the property. Another important tip is to position the furniture so that it does not block the light.

Use mirrors to make spaces seem larger

Positioned in strategic places, mirrors are an efficient solution to make spaces appear larger, as they create the feeling of depth. In addition, they reflect light and lighten the rooms even more. This type of accessory can be used in any environment, such as the entrance hall, the living room, the bathroom, the bedrooms and the dining room. Share this with your designer for more advice.

However, it is important that the mirror does not inadvertently have the opposite effect. Choose a location whose opposite side does not have as many elements, and a mirror will multiply the number of items and give the impression of visual pollution and less space. Another important point is that the vertical models enlarge the right foot, while the horizontal models influence the width of the space. Therefore, choose the size and format of your mirror according to your desired effect.

Explore vertical spaces

Another great way to optimize the space of small apartments is to explore the vertical areas. For this, bet on shelves, niches and overhead cabinets. In addition to enhancing the decor, these elements add functionality and promote organization. In the case of shelves and niches, avoid placing too many items.

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