Difference Between Lightroom And Photoshop 

Which program is best for editing photos, is a question asked by people who want to venture into the world of photography. There are lots of options like After shot pro, Picasa, Pixelmator, but amongst these, the most popular are Lightroom and Photoshop. Another question that follows suit is the difference between these two. Understanding their dissimilarity helps in making a good choice when making a selection. Below, we will look into some of these variations.


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is specifically designed to address the wants of professionals and enthusiasts, it takes charge of everything that involves how to import photos from a USB, to how to organize, edit, share, and print them. Lightroom helps in the tracking of images with the aid of its virtual folders and support for keywords. Most photographers might go days or weeks without making use of Photoshop since Lightroom has the qualities they want. On the other hand, Photoshop does not organize photos nor transfer files. However, nothing can beat the editing power of Photoshop.

File Handling 

The most substantial point by which Lightroom varies from Photoshop is that it does not move photos around to another folder on your system nor edit pictures. Somewhat all the changes that are implemented are being stored in a different folder called "Catalog." It is like a book that contains sets of instructions on how each image has to be processed. When the filters are applied, Lightroom stores the adjustment in a database and leaves the original photo safe. This technique is known as nondestructive editing, which is in opposition to the operations of Photoshop.

Editing vs. Manipulating

A different way of looking into the dissimilarity between these programs is Editing vs. Manipulating. You can use Lightroom to edit images, while Photoshop is used in manipulating them. The Lightroom is used for less powerful works because it is lightweight. When you take a photo of a man sitting on a chair and make it look like he is sitting inside an airplane, that is manipulation, but when you clean up the room shot and attach some filters to make it look different, that is Editing.