Different types of Boxing Bets

There are different options when it comes to boxing betting. Boxing Bets add extra fun because they have ton of ways to earn extra. Below is the list of different types of boxing bets available. Let's discuss one by one.

To-Win Bets

It is the most popular type of boxing betting. Sometimes this is considered as the moneyline bet. In this type of betting, wager picks that who is going to win the bet. If the boxer which the wager selected wins, you win your to-win bet. If they lose the fight, wager lose their bet.

When the fight ends bets

You can bet on boxing fight which you have not known by when the fight is going to end. You can get paid if you ascertain when the fight is going to end. The classy thing in these bets is that you don't need to choose who is going to win.

Over/Under Round Bets

This is another type of fight timing bet where sports book will select a particular round or point or any point in the course of bet. If the fighter you pick knock down, you win the bet.

Proposition bets

Proposition bets are those when you bet on whether something is going to happen in a fightor not.Basically, these are the bets where you choose 'yes' or 'no'.

In round bets

These are the wagers you can make after the opening bell has rung. This won't be available in brick and mortar cabinet but in a online sports book. The sports books will show lines which will reflect of what has already happened in the fight.

Group Round Bets

The next type of fight betting which is more specific is the group round bets.You would not have always the ability to fight this bet. This can be fight in big and high profile fight cards. The group round bet allows you to choose a group of roundsthat you think in which fight is going to end.

Double chance bets

The next type of boxing bet is double chance bet. This is a bet takes to-win bets and mixes it with a traditional method ofvictory bet. The method of victory bet is a wager where you select that fight will end by KO or a division.

Knock Down special bets

This is a proposition bet with this you will be wagering on whether which fighter is going to knock down the other fighter at any point in the course of bout.