Education: It’s Importance in the Modern World and it different Types

Education is the process of learning or acquiring knowledge, skills, and values during a very young age. Education has become one of the basic needs of every child and parents are expected to give them the best education they can afford so that their children can become someone great in the future. 

Why Education?

Some may ask why education is necessary. Education in the present day and age is more of a need. Because educating your child is one of the best ways to make them learn moral values, acquire knowledge, and gain new skills such as physical skills, mental skills, emotional skills, and so on. 

But most importantly, without education, your child’s life will be a lost cause. Millions of children around the world lack education. If properly educated, your child can help to educate the poor and the uneducated people around them, which is one of the basic traits of education; to share knowledge around the world.

Types of Education

Now asserting the need for education, we must know the types of education schemes available for your child. Nowadays in this modern world, your child can be educated easily, thanks to technological advancements. Some of the types of education that can be offered to your child include,

  • Formal Education
  • Informal Education
  • Non – formal Education

Formal Education

Formal education is the traditional type of education which involves the child going to school and learning, gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills, and imbibing new mora values. Formal education has proven to be standardized and the best way of education till date and billions of students benefit out of it. In India, this type of education is either offered by the Central Government or the State Government.

Informal Education

Informal Education is another type of education where the child is taught by the parent without the help of any schools. This type of education has no scheduled learning, unlike Formal Education where it is based on scheduled learning. This education can be taught on the go. For example, it may be taught to the child when we go to a marketplace, to a temple, or a hotel, etc.

Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education is adult education where you learn through experiences, through home education, etc. This type of education is a very long process and it takes a lot of time, maybe years to complete. Hence this education type is rarely used.

Online Education

It is also a non-formal type of education where you get to learn all that you have to learn during your young age. This education is done through online homework companies like “Khan Academy, BYJUs, Aplia Answers, Scholastic, etc.” where they have all the courses you need for your child to be educated. Also, companies like Aplia Answers help in teaching teachers to get to know more about the subject they are going to handle. 


Hence, these are the types of education which you can offer your child. Whatever it may be, education is a must for every child in this world. Without education, you are just an empty pot. With education, you can fill that empty pot with lots of knowledge, life skills, and moral values which will help you in your future.