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In this month the mother is likely that the mother feels for the first time how her little one moves inside the womb, a very special moment that she will remember throughout her life and that becomes the greatest reward for the physical changes that are coming. Throughout these weeks her belly will continue to grow visibly and it is likely that she will increase one size more. In addition, the discomfort that was barely noticeable the previous month, will begin to be more intense since the mother's organism is changing a lot. For the check this site this is important.

What changes does the mother experience?

The fifth month of pregnancy is usually a very troubled period for the mother. At this stage the internal organs of the future mom will move around to make room for the baby. The uterus will begin to push lightly on the intestines and will put pressure on the bladder again, so that the frequent urge to urinate will return. It is also likely that the mother begins to suffer from constipation due to the pressure exerted by the uterus on the intestines, although fortunately with a diet that includes foods rich in fiber and plenty of liquid this problem can be alleviated.

On the other hand, in the fifth month of pregnancy it is usual for women to experience a little pain in the legs, which is due to the added weight that the ligaments are supporting and the pressure that the uterus exerts on the sciatic nerve, a symptom which usually worsens in the remainder of pregnancy. In addition, it is possible that the legs become inflamed and that some varicose veins appear   as a result of fluid retention and slowed venous return, an alteration that can also cause dizziness or even fainting.

In this month, some mothers may have respiratory problems, especially if they are small, due to the pressure the baby exerts on the rest of the internal organs. In fact, some women start snoring for the first time in their lives due to increased estrogens that inflame the mucous membranes that line the nose. It is also normal for the mother to be sleepier and feel more exhausted than usual due to increased body weight and changes in her circulatory system.

The mother-to-be's skin will also continue to undergo changes:

Chloasma may take on a darker hue, especially in the area of ​​the cheeks, lips and forehead, or the palms of the hands may become redder due to increased estrogen levels. . Sometimes the skin can acquire a drier appearance, due to the water imbalance caused by hormonal changes.

Changes and symptoms during the fifth month of pregnancy

What changes occur in the baby during the fifth month of pregnancy?

During the fifth month of gestation the placenta continues to grow and provide the nutrients the fetus needs, while the umbilical cord has thickened to allow substances to pass more easily. This explains why the fetus can weigh 150 to 250 grams this month. In fact, by the end of week 20 you will already be about 20 centimeters tall.