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Have a Relaxing Trip in Lombok by Doing These Things


Lombok is an excellent destination place to have a getaway from the hectic city life. Read further to find out what kinds of activities you can do to have a relaxing trip in Lombok.

  1. Cycle to Sekotong out of Senggigi

It is common to use the available public transportation or online taxis to go around the place you have a trip in. In Lombok, you can use a little pedal power to head off the beaten trail and cycle into the peace and quiet of Sekotong. There are loads of tour operators offering group trips or ride a bicycle and head off in search of adventure. Do not forget to pack your snorkel!

  1. See in Kuta Lombok

If you are happy to face the crowds and growth, subsequently Kuta Beach will reward you with dependable surfing waves and a good deal of surf shops to employ from. For marginally quieter beaches, hire a scooter and drive to Selong Balanak (shallow waters and gentle surf) or possibly Mawun or Gerupuk (for more advanced surfers).

  1. Eat Local Food at the Markets

Lombok is covered in traditional food markets. Here you can grab fresh, local produce for only a few rupiahs. A good deal of the local cuisine comprises coconut in some way.

Do not be afraid to attempt Lombok's specialty dishes, for instance, yummy Ayam Taliwang. Served up with a part of rice, and a squeeze of lime... delicious. Adopt the spice!

There are some worrying episodes of alcohol being fortified with different compounds (such as methanol), which may result in a dangerous and possibly deadly drink. Stick to beverages which have been opened in front of you (like Bintang Beer!) And avoid the locally produced spirits.

  1. Visit Lombok's Waterfalls

Central Lombok has some beautiful waterfall to dab in. There is Benang Stokel Waterfall, among the greatest in Lombok at 20-metres high. The waters here come directly from Mount Rinjani, and the place is lush, green with a crisp, fresh atmosphere that's fantastic for hiking. The nearby Benang Kelambu Waterfall is only a 30-minute walk from here. Then there is Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall, which can be a great destination to go before hiking the Rinjani Mount. On the way, you can also see Tebing Beach -- that is sort of like Lombok's mini 'Grand Canyon.'

Fantastic value for money way to explore the island and enjoy in the waterfalls (in addition to other sights) is on this fun Lombok Tour together with our pal Ibey. He became disillusioned with backpackers just using Lombok as a leaping off point and chose to create a tour to help them see the hidden jewels that they had been missing!

  1. Go Islands Hopping

Many of us who land on Lombok do this with the main aim of leaping off to the renowned Gili Islands. It's easy to have a shuttle boat over to the Gili Islands from Bangsal Harborn Lombok, which leave twice each day with a price around IDR25,000. If you want to travel with something more stylish (and you're prepared to pay double the price), then it's possible to jump on a short 35-minute speed boat ride. Every Gili Island has its own unique vibe, with Gili Trawangan being the backpacker's fave, Gili Meno beach lovebird's fave, and Gili Air -- a nice mix between the two.