How Can Close Listening Improve Your EDM Production Skills?

To become a good producer, it is important that you have a great understanding of music no matter what your style of music is. A music lover knows how it feels when you discover a new track; it is something which touches your soul. EDM productions skills can improve your skills of listening and thereby helps in recreating new sounds. There are several ways that an EDM music producer follows to his skills, and all these will be described below in this article.

  • Close listening is very important as it will help you to understand music in detail from various perspective. Once you know the various perspective that a producer will consider, you will have a better idea to deconstruct any track.
  • The breaking of music track can be beneficial, just like your literature classes where sort sections are easily understandable and inspected. Similarly, once you break the track of music into smaller sections and consider them from a universal set of criteria, you will have a larger perspective.
  • Music should be considered in terms of a score or arrangement of it DAW. It will help you in getting a quick overview of the production of music by identifying the number of parts, instruments or sounds that are present.

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  • Understanding the layers of music is important if you want to have an idea of how an EDM song is created in terms of layers. There are certain layers that are followed in most of the songs, and they are Bass, Rhythmic, Lead melodic, Transitional, and others. By using these core layers as a form of a template, more distinct forms of music can be created.
  • Another tip for producing fundamental EDM music for close listening is the analysis of timbre or tonal color. It will refer to the typical frequency that will be produced by these instruments.
  • A frequency analyzer will be very useful in learning how to listen sound in a way where you will be given a visual representation of what you are hearing. It is recommended to listen to several pieces of music which vary and try to compare their tonal makeup.
  • The texture is another perspective of EDM music producer as it is more or less similar to analyzing a track’s timbre. It often becomes difficult to determine the source of good textural qualities with layering and timber as texture has a wide variety of means.
  • Now, the final perspective that should be considered for music production of EDM news is the structure. It is generally related to the placement of parts in time.

All these tips tell how listening to and analyzing music in this way will help you in becoming an improved EDM producer.