How to be a Good Doula?


Becoming a doula may seem like a simple thing to you, but it is not. Not anyone can get up in the morning and enter into a pregnant woman’s house to support her without knowing a heck of what is supposed to be said and done. A doula has to be very careful about every single thing he or she does. If you want to be a doula, you might want to be a good one.

So how do you become a good doula?

Firstly, can you define doula in your words?

Well, of course it is someone who gives care and education to a pregnant woman or a new mother – but there is so much more to this profession.

You can’t take this as a profession. Not that it is not a profession, but you have to dedicate a lot of time and efforts in becoming a good doula. In order to become a good doula, you have to find an institute that provides you with all the knowledge that you need. Getting trained in this field makes you better and lets you know about the things you need to do to be there for a pregnant woman or a new mother.

Next – you have to be very empathetic towards the pregnant woman. Now there is a difference between being empathetic and sympathetic. You can’t show the latter to a pregnant woman because there is nothing wrong in being pregnant. You just need to let her know that she is going to be fine, even though there is a baby inside of her right now and it is going to come out in the next nine or less months.

Next – you need to choose your words wisely while talking to a pregnant woman or new mother.