How to Improve Your Ad CTR        


As a digital marketer, seeing a low click-through rate (CTR) can be extremely frustrating and disappointing. After all, a higher CTR can mean a better quality score and, in turn, possibly bigger savings as your cost per click (CPC) goes down, which means you can convert better and while spending less.

A higher CTR can also imply higher engagement and conversion rates. Meanwhile, when it is declining, you may be having underlying advertising issues.

There’s no single strategy to raise your CTR, but there are many ways to improve ads click-through rate. Combine them to increase your chances for success.  

  1. Know Your Audience

Never launch an ad without going through a comprehensive advertising campaign process (as seen on marketing platforms such as, for example). While you’re at it, make it your goal to get to know your target audience, what are their needs and interests, etc. There are many reasons for this:          

  • The way your target audience looks for information can trigger the query that will launch your ad.  
  • Your market will determine the best combination of keywords to use for your ads. You don’t want them to be too broad or too short and generic. Both can cost you a significant amount of money.  
  • Your audience’s interest and buyer’s persona will help you understand better how to write your ad effectively. 
  1. Focus on Your Heading

A typical ad will have three parts: the heading, the URL, and the description, which may have up to two lines. Of the three, Internet users are more likely to notice the heading first. In some cases, they don’t see anything else but that. 

You, therefore, have to devote some time to craft the most compelling headline that will fit your character limit. Here are some strategies that might help you achieve that:  

  • Add your offer directly into the heading.
  • Include your primary keyword (or keywords, but it's best not to have more than 1-2) in the heading.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action (e.g., download, buy, sign up, etc.).
  • Use the magic word, which is “free.” (free trial, free sample, etc.).  

Note: Regardless of how you craft your heading, make sure you follow through with your promise. For instance, if you are giving away something for free, see to it the audience pays nothing (i.e., there are no "hidden surprises").    

  1. Opt for a Universal Way of Tracking CTRs

It seems there are different dashboards or reporting tools for every ad network you use. Just look at those in Google AdWords and the ones on Facebook Ads. When you have various tracking platforms to check, it can be exhausting and even confusing to keep track of your CTRs.

How do you avoid it? You can opt for ad tracking software tools that can help you monitor and track your ads all in one place, such as Adhawk, Bitly, Linktrackr, and others.  

  1. Maximize the URL

The URLs have a maximum number of character count, but even then, many marketers fail to exhaust them. When you still have enough characters left, try adding your primary keyword.    

Doing this will make the link in your ad more relevant to your chosen keyword and your target audience.

Boosting your CTR doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow the rules and tips mentioned in this article, and the results will come.