How To Make A Cover Letter

If you are looking for an alternation, a job or an internship, then you must surely write a cover letter to complete your resume.

This step by which we all spend one day or another is, contrary to what we can think, far from easy. Yet it is necessary to master this exercise because coupled with your resume; a successful cover letter offers you the best chance of getting a job interview.

You are probably wondering about the best structure to adopt, the best form to give it, how to make it more convincing, customize it, to distinguish you from many other competing applications.

In this article, we will guide you step by step, and show you how to write an impeccable cover letter, which allows you to make the difference and achieve your professional goal. You can also get started with review to get more information.

Why Is The Cover Letter Essential

A good cover letter outlines why your skills, those on the resume, match the offer. It highlights your motivations and your interest in the company.

But it is above all a key tool to hold the attention of a potential employer. In most cases, recruiters start by reading cover letters before looking at CVs. To convince the cover letters then often have only thirty to sixty seconds of attention. If they fail, the resumes will not even be read.

To succeed in writing a simple and striking cover letter that sets you apart from others, you must spend time.

Think Before Writing

Before the writing of your cover letter, ask yourself first the right questions:

  • Why does this offer interest me?
  • What makes me want to work in this company? What information do I have about her, about her sector of activity?
  • What motivates me makes me want to be hired?
  • Do my skills and experiences match the job?

These are just some lines of thought. Similar methods based on different questions exist. This first step should allow you to eliminate any applications for which you honestly do not have your chances, or that do not correspond to what you are looking for.

On the other hand, if this confirms your interest in the offer, write on the paper the answers to all these questions. They will later form the main arguments of your cover letter.