How To Take Care Of Your Favourite Diamond Ring

Searching for your first diamond ring or willing to make an addition to your jewellery box? If so, it is important to get the right choice. Besides the same, you need to know how to take care of your ring to enjoy its lasting usage. This article aims at guiding you about how to take care of your new diamond ring.

Diamond- The Hardest Substance On Earth

Till this day, diamond is still the hardest known substance that is found on planet Earth and is virtually unbreakable, except some other form of diamonds which are used to cut diamonds. It is a rare mineral formed by carbon mainly in coalmines where millions of years of heat and pressure transform coal into diamond. The most easily found diamonds are usually yellow and brown in colour. However, humankind is always attracted to the colourless diamonds and its dazzle. This rare stone occurring naturally has also found place in astrology being considered as the gemstone for Planet Venus.

Cutting diamond to make it look like an expensive or exotic item is also tricky. There are many different cuts available for diamond as round, princess, cushion, radiant, pear cut etc. The most popular of them are oval and radiant cuts.

The radiant style is unique and perfect for those looking for an exotic look in their diamonds, radiant cut diamonds feature fine tuned trimmed corners which combines emerald cut with the softness of a round diamond. The sparkle of a radiant cut diamond looks even better with the proper choice of thin platinum ring.

Oval cut diamonds are classic and usually used in pendants or necklaces. It can also be used in engagement rings and is much in trend making it an easy and sophisticated match to other jewellery. It is mostly the oval cut diamond that is in use such as the Kohinoor. Even the Nizam of Hyderabad used an oval shaped diamond stone as a paperweight. And this stone possessing such value requires proper safety measures to be followed by its users for lasting usage.

Tips To Safeguard Your Diamond- Ring, Pendants & Necklaces

>Make sure not to wear your diamond ring or pendant to the swimming pool. The chlorine present in pool water can damage your diamond due to bleaching.

>Even though diamond is known as the hardest substance, yet it can break or chip if mishandled. Be safe when doing any activity such as cutting wood for forest fire or digging the sand or breaking ice.

>Do remove your diamond ring when putting on any lotion or makeup or hair dye. Even chemicals used for cleaning can cause damage to the stone. However glass cleaner is nothing harmful. It is sad to let such cleaning products and cosmetics to destroy the glaze of your diamond ring.

Final Words

Wrapping up, if you are worried about how to clean your diamond ring- the answer is reach out for help from a diamond jewellery. He is the only person who can carry out the cleaning procedure in a professional manner without causing any kind of damage to the stone. So be careful and go ahead keeping these tips in concern.