How To Tell A Caterer The Menu You Want For Your Event


When you are planning for any event, you are also expected to work with a Vienna VA catering company. Much of the work here, though, is done during the preliminaries. The first thing you need to do is establish what you need during your event.

Get settled

How many guests will you be having? What time and date is the event? The time is very important because it will determine what type of meal or food will be served. You also need to look at the time you are going to allot for eating. This can help you determine what kind of dining format to use.

Set a budget

The budget might look like a hurdle as you are talking to your Vienna VA catering company. Most event planners, however, thank their lucky stars when they have a clear budget. A clear budget helps determine the size of the guestlist, the type of food served, and varieties in the menu, and even the dining format. A budget makes it easier for the event planner and the catering company to agree on menu limitations.

Look at the selections

A Vienna VA catering company might have a lineup of meals they specialize in. Most likely, they have set menus already which you can choose from. These ready-menus are usually cheaper compared to special menu requests, so you should consider them too. This will help determine the kind of selection you are going to have especially if you have a big guest list.

Consider formats

Dining formats must be considered not just for budgeting purposes, but also because it will set the tone of your event. A sit-down plated dinner, for example, will be the priciest choice but it also makes your event extra formal. However, you may need to allot 2 hours just for dining. It’s perfect for events wherein you have executive guests. The most popular choice is the buffet dining format because it’s the cheapest. You might find that this is challenging for some guests, so take that into consideration. The cheapest but probably the most appropriate dining format for exhibits and quick company shows is a cocktail. Cocktails have a limited menu and are apt if you only need snacks. However, as these aperitifs can make or break your image, choosing which ones to serve can be a real challenge.

Consider restrictions and preferences

When you prepare your RSVPs, you must include a small section for your guests to include their dietary restrictions (whether for health reasons like allergies or illnesses or for religious reasons). You need to take all of this into account to make sure that you are serving something that is palatable and acceptable to all your guests. For example, if you have a Muslim guest, then you must definitely serve food that is Halal.

Making last-minute changes

Last-minute changes to the menu, wherein volume or the menu selection itself, can be made with the Vienna VA catering company three weeks before the event. Any shorter than that and you are bordering on unethical. You may book your caterer earlier though because the prices are usually friendlier when you do so. However, do not make too drastic a change (like cutting the guestlist into half) because you would want to maintain a good relationship with your caterer. Be professional as well.

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