Learn new rummy strategies by downloading the rummy app

Rummy is one of the trendiest card games which date back centuries ago. Rummy download online has given us a chance to enjoy this amazing game anywhere, anytime. You learn so much from the rummy game. Your observation skills and ability to understand probability increases when you play this game. You also learn concentration and patience.

You can play rummy online while idly sitting in your office, or while you are traveling in public transport or when you’re simply at your home, at your convenience. When you play rummy card game, your goal is to defeat all other players at the table by making a combination of cards, a sequence or set, first.

You can learn new strategies by downloading the rummy game online and playing yourself. The more you play the better you know about the game.

Strategies you can use

  • Try avoiding the free wild joker card in rummy.

Even though the joker can help you match your cards for sets and sequences, it doesn’t carry any points. So, unless it is necessary or you’ve already reduced your points to zero, don’t use the free wild joker card.

  • Concentrate more on matching higher value face cards.

Different face cards have a different value. Like, Face Cards and Aces have 10 points each, Number cards have the same value as the number on it. But joker cards have 0 points. So, try matching face cards more than number cards without using the free wild joker card.

  • Learn from your games.

Try to assess the reasons why you lost a game and learn from the mistakes you made after rummy download. Try not to make the same mistakes while playing the next games. Rummy is an online portal where you can play with random people and learn from every player. You can make playing strategies for different forms of the game.

  • Try different tricks to increase your chances of winning.

Use your observation skills to learn different tactics from players. When you play regularly you can easily get the hang of it and your chances of accessing other players’ moves increases. You can understand the game better and with a better success rate if you practice regularly.

Rummy provides you with many variants of the game where you can try your skills, like 13 Cards Rummy, where you get-

  • Points Rummy

There are tables with different point values usually ranging from 10 paise to Rs100 per point. Once a player declares in this game, the winnings of the player are calculated based on the points calculated by the losing player.

  • Deals Rummy

There is a fixed number of deals in this game. Each player is given a fixed number of chips and the losing player has to surrender their chips after the end of each deal.

  • Pool Rummy

Each player collects money to play this game. It is similar to Points Rummy until a player barring one, gets eliminated from the game.


These are only a few of the games that you can play when you go for rummy download. Go ahead, download the app Rummy Passion and try these strategies to win the rummy card game.