Make Your Outdoor Festival Special

Outdoor festivals almost always draw a crowd because most people are looking for a fun easy way to spend a weekend. Whether you plan a music, quilt, art or children’s festival, make it stand out with a few special features.

VIP Lounge

Offer a special VIP lounge with an upgraded ticket. Create a fun special place, preferably in a central location so those that did not pay the additional fee can see it and wish they had. Add some extras to the VIP lounge that you don’t get with the regular ticket like access to upgraded bathrooms, more comfortable chairs and exclusive food. Don’t forget a spot cooler rental south Florida for the VIPs, to make the lounge the “it” place to hand out at the festival.

Specialty Drinks

If you plan to serve alcohol at your festival, try to partner with a smaller local brewery. It’s a win for both of you as the event can be advertised on their social media as the “exclusive beer” of your festival. If there is enough lead time, the brewery might even be able to create a special brew named after the event canned with your festival’s logo.

Instead of offering hard liquor, mix up some specialty cocktails with fun names that can be made ahead of time. This will allow for faster serving and help create a fun branded atmosphere.

Street Performers

Hire some street performers to walk amongst the crowd doing acrobatics or magic or even just breaking into song. This type of extra “impromptu” performance will go a long way to help build excitement with the festival attendees who will be on the lookout for the next pop-up experience.

There are plenty of festivals each year with any number of themes. A really successful festival is one that draws crowds from beyond the target audience because just being at the venue is so much fun.