Share your TV gallery with anyone in the world

There are lots of Android apps that can share files from one device to another via WIFI or Bluetooth. But what if the person you want to share files are far away from you. You can email them or share it via messaging apps like WhatsApp or VIBER. But if you want to update that file, you have to resend it. When someone wants to access those files, you have to send them those persons too. But how to access your collection on TV to watch them in bigger screen. 

Think you to share your wedding album with your parents and relative to watch them on TV. Sending an email or message does not work. Because those things can easily accessible via phones and computer. All the solutions come with this application which is called Filelinked.

Filelinked allows you to create your own list of files or store for free. First go to Filelinked dashboard and create your account which is completely free. There you can you create stores. Stores are collection of something like files, images, videos or music. Each store you created has its own code. That code is called as Filelinked code. You can make that code public or private with a password. It’s up to you. Now add files to newly created store. When file collection is ready you can share your file collection with anyone in the world using Filelinked code. Send your filelinked code to any one you want to access your list of files.

You can create your own collection of songs and share that songs collection with friends. When you add or update your collections, you friends will see easily. This app is mostly used on Android TV boxes. Because it is the best and easiest way to share files with Android TV boxes special photo collection.

Filelinked as an App Store

Now this application used an app store for Android TV like AC Market for Android phones. Many YouTubers used create ideal Android TV app collection. Their app collection shared using Filelinked.  Because many awesome apps like free movies, free sport channels, free tv shows apps are not available on play store. You have to download them from internet. Instead of sharing links to download them, YouTubers share filelinked code. It is easy and simple. They can update store files whenever they want and their followers can install latest version whenever they want. If you do not like Filelinked you try using Aptoide TV. Which is more like play store TV application.

Installing many apps on cheaper Android TV boxes may lose performance. Therefore, make sure to install any performance boosting application like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner or CCleaner. Those apps can close all opened apps and background tasks to make room your current application.