The Effect of Dark and Light Grey Tiles and how you should use them

Grey has often been a monotonous color, hasn't it? When it comes to choosing a color for your house, you surely wouldn't be choosing grey. Although grey isn't much strong color, it is surely one of the best choices. But remember, if you want to stay ahead of everyone, you should be getting grey tiles for your house because they help to add flavor and a serene mood to the entire environment. Also, the blend with Gothic culture can help you achieve a neutral background. Another benefit is that you can include colourful furniture and accessories to maintain the focus point of the room.

But does it mean that you can use the grey and dark tiles everywhere around the house? Well, yes, you can use it anywhere around the house if you blend it properly. Each shade of these colors helps to create a significant impact around the house. But, what impact does it create?

Some of the prominent impact created by each shade include the following

Dramatic and dark

Dramatic and dark has to be one of the potential trends and shades. If you install a dark grey color floor around your house, you can eventually set a dramatic mood. Also, you can contrast it with bright and colourful furniture.

The installation of dark grey tiles around the house can help to enhance the soothing senses. Also, these are extremely stylish for the bedroom. The dark and grey tiles can help to create a modern and moody atmosphere around the house.


Pale grey color may appear to be boring, but it is one of the most prominent ones in the spectrum of dark colours. Also, pale grey is a great contrast to the white thereby proving to be an efficient one for the interiors.

Pale grey metro tiles can prove to be a great addition to the feature walls. However, you may add some green touch for a better idea. You can get grey tuiles Carreaux metro for very affordable rates. Also, these pale tiles may be the perfect addition to your bathroom and kitchen. You can always consider combining the shades of grey with other dark colors to get the simple yet pale look. The addition of accessories can help to enhance the overall impact.

Grey is a great color and can suit any type of shade. Whether you are getting grey walls or tiles, these can play an important role in improving the personalized feel around the house.