Tips on Building Muscles and Strength without Lifting Weights

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of health keeping fit is the fact that it is quite difficult to pack up some muscle as fast as you want. Forget about bodybuilding for a moment. Most people would be very excited with just 5 to 10 pounds of muscle within the set target time.

Fortunately, putting on some muscle is not that difficult, because all you need is a few tips to point you in the right direction. There are basic ideas that you can follow that will cause you to grow some muscle without too much hustle.

However, you need to understand the physiology of your muscles. Contrary to what you may have heard, you do not really grow bigger and stronger when you visit the gym. Instead, your body responds to muscle the muscle damage you are causing through the workout sessions.


Growing some new muscle involves damaging your muscle fibre. Instead, try some heavy resistance, which needs you to create a sound weight lifting program within your exercise schedule.

A typical muscle-building program is usually broken into five days of exercise. Each day is used to work a different part of the body, and you are expected to perform 4 different unique exercises totally 16 sets. The exercise is done until you cannot do an extra activity.

This is what exercise specialist refer to as hypertrophy, and it is a good way to break muscles. However, you should be aware, at all times, of your muscle’s capacity to the coupe. Failing to vary your stimulus will cause your muscles to become used to the workouts. The best way around this is to rotate your schedule while anchoring it around the 16 set process.


Your choice of diet is an important factor in determining how fast you gain some muscles. For starters, you need to ensure that your calorie supply is adequate to meet the needs of your body. Ifyou take exactly what your body needs to sustain its lean muscle structure, you might grow stronger, but youwon'thave enough calories left to cause you to gain some muscle.

Work out the right quantity of calorie you need by figuring out your basal metabolic rate. On top of your basal rate, incorporate additional calories equivalent to the amount you would consume during a typical workout. That way, you will have enough calories to help you gain some muscles without growing fat.

Incorporate some protein in your diet as well. Keep total intake as high as possible, preferably from good sources like nuts, fresh meat or even whey protein.  Recommended intake stands at 0.7g for each pound of your weight.


Taking supplements or even hgh is one way to gain some muscles, although you shouldn’t consider this essential. Some people have a problem keeping their weight down and usually even exercise does not help.

In such a case, gaining some muscle can be challenging. However, there is a simpler way around this problem. It could be that your body’s metabolic rate is not functioning at an optimum rate. Fortunately, your doctor can help solve this problem. Often, doctors treat this with hgh therapy.

Hgh injection can help improve your metabolic rate causing you to breakdown fats as efficiently as possible. You will end up with a lean body, and possibly some muscle with enough workout.

The advantage of hgh is that is easily available. It comes in various commercial forms including hgh for sale. With hgh for sale, you can easily mould your body from a fatty mass to a lean and well-toned frame.

If your doctor finds that you do not need hgh, or hgh for sale for, you can explore other alternatives like whey protein. This rich source protein offers you an easy way to supply your body with high-quality proteins. The other option is ZMA, which helps to boost your hormonal profile, although strictly speaking it is not classified as a steroid. ZMA contains Zinc, Magnesium as well as Vitamin B6.

Enough Rest

Most people take rest for granted, but it is equally important if you are hoping to gain some muscle in all the right places. While it is tempting to want to work all week, the truth is that your muscle growth occurs as you are resting.

So, ensure you do not overwork your muscles when you are already tired. Why? Well, if you keep training your muscle when they should be getting some rest, you will be interfering with exercise recovery. You may also start experiencing excessive exercise syndrome.

Try to be responsive to the needs of your body and give it enough rest, especially when you begin your training since this is the time when you are most vulnerable.

Final Word

Everyone gets excited at the prospect of putting on some muscle without having to lift any weights. As you can see from our tips, it is possible to gain some muscle without really killing yourself with weight s in the gym. So, let nothing come in the way of you looking muscle and well-toned.