Unique and Fun Stocking Stuffers


Christmas is approaching; are you ready? Buying presents for your loved ones can be hard enough, so don’t let filling their stockings add too much stress to your life. If you’re struggling with ideas for stocking stuffers, use this handy list to kick start your shopping.

Keychain Door Opener

In these days of constant vigilance against germs, why not get your loved one something that can help them avoid touching sticky doorknobs? A keychain door opener is an ingenious, small gift that’s sure to fit in your stocking and not break the bank. These clever gadgets are available in all sorts of different forms and colors, so spend a few minutes picking out the one that’s sure to make your family member smile.

Personalized Socks

Almost everyone wears socks at some point, and it’s practically a universal guarantee that people who get stockings will find socks in them. Why not make the socks fun this year? Instead of the boring old white gym socks, fill that stocking with goofy socks that are covered in images of your face or that of a beloved pet? You can find several companies that offer these entertaining gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Miniature Game Boards

Another surefire way to make your family member giggle as they open their stocking is by including some miniature versions of their favorite board games. Countless games are offered in this pocket-size manner, and mos t of them are even still playable to an extent. You can find these at your local store or peruse a large collection of them online to pick the perfect ones!

Toilet Paper Roll

In the year of toilet paper madness, including a fresh roll of toilet paper will absolutely make the recipients laugh with abandon as they feel secure in the fact that they now have what has been a treasured and prized item all year. Few people foresaw toilet paper being a high commodity, so the absurdity of it is sure to make this stocking ridiculous and entertaining. One of the best perks of this gift is how cheap and pertinent it is.

Reusable Drinking Straws

Another item that is becoming more popular as protection against germs and environmental friendliness is coming to the forefront is a reusable drinking straw. You can even find them in fun colors and portable versions on keychains these days. Why not help your family member save the planet via this stocking stuffer idea?

There’s no shortage of options available for stocking stuffers this year. You can buy keychain door openers, personalized socks, toilet paper, or reusable drinking straws.