Upgrade Your Shower Stalls to Increase Your Home's Value

Looking to add value to your home? Bathroom remodels like getting rid of that old tub and adding in shower stalls are one of the higher return renovation projects you can do, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report. The bathroom should be stylish and functional, whether you plan to sell or not. Updating your bathroom will not only increase its value, but make living in your home inviting and comfortable.

Renovating Your Bathroom

It can be simple and easy to update an outdated bathroom. First, take a look at what you can practically accomplish. Cosmetic changes are typically the easiest to make but first look to see if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed—like leaky plumbing or electrical upgrades that need to be done.

Things that will make the biggest difference when it comes to increasing your home’s value include adding new tile, updating the cabinetry, changing the light fixtures, adding natural light, and changing out the shower stall or tub.

You might consider changing the showerhead to a rainfall showerhead, adding a Jacuzzi tub, installing heated floors, installing a shower seat, adding more storage (especially if you have a pedestal sink—consider switching that out to a more traditional sink with storage space underneath).

Not sure what color palette to choose? Stick with neutrals as this allows potential buyers to imagine themselves in the bathroom. Bright or bold colors can be a turnoff, since not everyone is a fan of a red bathroom (or a purple one, or black one, etc.) When choosing a design, pick one that works with the rest of the home. Stick to more traditional designs and materials, rather than going with trends, as they could go out of style quickly.

If possible, you may want to consider increasing the size of your bathroom, or just making the room look bigger, as a larger space adds more value. You can replace your bathtubs with shower stalls, making the room look larger. And adding brighter lights or wall sconces around your mirror can also make the room feel larger.

Adding a Bathroom

If your home allows, adding another bathroom is another great way to increase your home’s value—especially if you currently do not have enough bathrooms. While this is a much larger project, that will require the help of a contractor, it is a renovation that will provide you with an excellent return on your investment. It doesn’t have to be a large bathroom, either, a half bath is often a great investment, as are smaller full baths with shower stalls.

Most buyers are looking for a large master bath and then smaller bathrooms for the rest of the family and guests.

No matter what you decide, an updated bathroom will add value to your home. It will also enhance your life and making living in your home even more comfortable!