Useful Tips to take Care of Your Pearl Rings

Pearls are naturally formed gem stones hence there are chances that it can easily get spoiled or break. Often pearls embedded rings are worn by individuals daily due to varied reasons. Hence the need to take extra care of these pearls becomes quite essential. Unfortunately, many wearers of rings adorned with pearls aren’t aware the right ways to adapt in maintaining the quality of pearls intact.

Here are few useful and easy methods to take care of pearl fixed rings:

  • Often you need to wipe the pearls with soft moist cloth to remove the pollutants like dirt, oil or dust. It will be best to just wash the ring in normal water, dry it before you wear them while getting ready for the day.
  • While keeping the pearls in jewel box make sure to keep them separate from other hard surface jewels. Otherwise they will rub the pearl’s upper layer and spoil its polish.
  • Never store them in air tight jewel packs as they are natural gems having tiny proportion of moisture. If packed in tight pack it may turn brittle and break.
  • Use an organic washing liquid specially made for cleaning jewels to remove the dirt accumulated in the rings with pearls. You can use soft brush to scrub the dirt. For the metal part of the ring you can use polish specially used by jewellers to shine the ring. This will make the ring look perfectly like new.
  • It will be best not to expose the ring that is fixed with pearls to any chemical substance. It can react with the natural compounds of the pearl and spoil its shine.
  • Always remember that pearls contain carbon carbonate that is highly reactive to acid base solution. Thus, it is best to remove the ring while using cosmetics. Even while applying makeup, spraying perfume and while styling your hair the pearl ring should be removed.

The best way to know the caring tips for your pearl ring is to browse through online jeweller’s websites where they provide multiple ways to take care of the precious gems.