What to Know about Visiting Komodo Island

Indonesia has grown exponentially into a favorite tourist destination for many travelers. Komodo Island has become a top destination especially for divers, adventurers as well as honeymooners.

If you are wondering why anyone would want to spend their honeymoon with a bunch of ferocious dragons, then you may need to visit the island yourself. You will find that there is more to Komodo Island than just the world-famous giant reptiles.

Komodo Island is perfect for travelers who are looking for more of an adventure and less of a party experience. In fact, you could plan a solo trip and just fill your vacation days with swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking and watching the dragons.

Reasons to Visit Komodo                            

It is the most astonishingly destination you will ever land on. The landscapes, the weather, and the blue waters are enough to keep you mesmerized for days. Then there are the sunsets and sunrises that you want to wake up early for. Even if you are not a morning person, you do not want to miss out on a Komodo sunrise.

Additionally, there are a lot of activities to keep you occupied and engaged on the island. Naturally, you will want to see the Komodo dragon. Who goes to Komodo and fails to get close to these monsters? You must be careful and get a guide to get you safely close to the lizards.

Another reason you want to get to the island is the pink beach experience. While the sand is not technically pink, just seeing that color feels you with awe. There are very few pink beaches in the world; seven of them to be exact.

You may also get to experience a little of the locals’ traditional life. It is intriguing to learn how the families who live close to the Komodo dragons relate with them.

Supplies You Will Need

Plenty of Water

Komodo is a very hot place. The first thing you will need in plenty is water. You must ensure that you stay hydrated throughout your stay on the island. This means you may have a bit of luggage if you plan on hiking.

If you plan on visiting Komodo Island in the summer, you will need all the water you can carry because this is when it is at its hottest.

Pack a Hat and Sunscreen

The sun will be beating down on your head. This increases your chances of getting sunburned. You will therefore need a nice wide hat for some shade as well as lots of sunscreen. Ensure that you slather on generous amounts on you and avoid staying too long in the sun.

Some of the places you visit on the island barely have trees for shade. Consequently, a hat, sunscreen and lots of drinking water are essential supplies to have with you.

Closed Shoes and Socks

If you plan to go around the dragons, you will need to cover up your feet. While you may look like dinner from head to toe, you do not want the extra temptation that your digits will present. They may figure you brought some bites with you and come to get them.


The heat in this part of the world demands light clothing. Mostly, t-shirts and shorts are all you need. The ladies can pack some light dresses and sandals to wear when they are not hiking or within close range of the dragons.

Do not forget to pack lots of swimwear. The weather demands that you spend quite a bit of time in the water not only because the beautiful blue sea is irresistible, but also to escape the sun a little.


If it is not your bucket list yet, you should ensure to include Komodo Island and push it up on the list. Seeing the dragons is thrilling but the whole adventure is worth every cent spent. The boat ride to the island give s you time to watch the beautiful sceneries that pass by.

 It also allows you to take a few dips in the ocean especially if you opt for the slower traditional wooden boats.