Which is better marketing tool – paper business card or digital business card?

Business card has proved to be beneficial since ages and there is hardly any business who has not received benefits from a business card. But with the advent of technology you will now get the option for having paper business card as well as digital business card in the market. Now the biggest question is which one will give you more advantages and which should you avail for attracting your customers. Hence in the article we have analyzed both simple business cards as well as digital business card so that you can understand which one will be best for you and your company.

Paper business card gives you the chances to communicate your brand with those people who you want to B2B Suppliers connect with in the future. Once you give your card to any of your probable customer it will remain with him or her in their wallet or pocket and ultimately it will prove to be a great visual reminder of who you are and what your business deals in. But it has one huge disadvantage and that is if you update your phone number or email id or address then you will not have scope to show those in your paper business card. Generally it is seen that people print the business card in bulk which means if you want to change any information of your business card then you have to waste huge amount of money. 

Digital business card can be made very easily and you will get hundreds of app such as SnapDat, One card, handshake, etc. with the help of which you can create personalized virtual card. These digital visiting card can be sent to any of your probable customer at any time. Moreover, if you want to edit any of your contact details or any other correction in the card you can do that any point of time.  Again you will a variety of layout and templates including both horizontal as well as vertical business card layouts from where you can choose any one which fits your company.