Which is the best R4 Karte Nintendo Switch v8.0 and Where to buy?

En 2019 the video game console Nintendo Switch is going even more popular in the world, because we can play free games with it, such as Super Mario Odyssey or The legend of Zelda: the breath of wild and many other fantastic games. So, if you want to play free games with switch v8.0.1 too, here is a recommended r4 card for Nintendo Switch to buy.

Can r4 karte work on Nintendo Switch ?

Nowadays R4 cards or R4 3DS, they are playing DS games and DS homebrews as well like before. But they have benn upgraded to support working on Nintendo DSI, DSI XL, DS Lite and 3DS consoles. That’s to say, R4 cards play DS games&homebrews on both NDS and 3DS family devices. As the time of writing, R4 card supports DSI v1.4.5, 3DS V11.9.0 and all lower firmware versions of them. If you buy a R4 card for your 3DS or DSI console, besides for playing free NDS games and using Homebrews, you can still enjoy all the the following features.

  • Save 1000+ NDS Roms on a flash card with a microsd card on your 3DS/DSI.
  • Save real-time during you are playing free NDS games.
  • Use cheats code when you are playing hard NDS games.
  • Watch movie, listen to music, view photos and read e-books on your 3DS/DSI consoles.
  • Play GB/GBC/SNES/NES/Other old classic games on your 3DS/DSI firmware models.

But for the latest Nintendo Switch, No R4 card is compatible with it. R4 card has the backward compatibility, however, the Switch is a brand new video game machine from Nintendo. So, if you want to hack 3DS/2DS/DSI/NDS console, you can choose the R4 card, but for the Nintendo Switch, you have other options. R4 card for Switch is not be developed still.

There are many R4 linkers on the market. If you are looking to buy the one compatible with Nintendo Switch, it’s not easy to find. But don’t worry, there is a cheap and easy method you can hack the Nintendo Switch to play free games and use homebrews. That is the R4s dongle, it is made by the r4i-sdhc.com.

Compared to Xecuter SX PRO, R4s dongle is a new linker for hacker Nintendo Switch by loading a customer firmware. R4s Dongle works on all Nintendo switch with all version firewares, compatible to all regions, It supports most NSP games and many XCI games.

R4s dongle is different from all R4 cards, it is not a linker that should be inserted into the Switch slot as the real gaming card, but rather a toolbox for Nintendo Switch users. As shown in the official website, the dongle R4s is a USB-C dongle that is a plug-and-play solution to inject the necessary RCM payload to boot into the custom firmware. It allows you to crack the Nintendo Switch by loading a custom firmware.

Where to buy R4s dongle for Nintendo Switch v8.0.1 ? 

The latest version of Nintendo Switch is v8.0.1 and can we always play free games on it ? Yes the r4s dongle will help to hack switch v8.0 without risk. So where to buy r4s dongle ? I highly recommend our site Dgchips.com. In any case, R4s dongle allow you to play for free on all consoles. This is the most economical solution to break the Switch so far. I assure you that you will not regret it if you chose it. Currently, CFW atmosphere 0.8.8 allows us to play eshop or gamecard games, this is good news. Of course, it is very important to choose a reliable site to buy R4s switch dongle. We can offer you the best service before and after the sale. Do not hesitate to make a purchase with us.