You Can Watch Nenu Rowdy Ne Movie Free On Aha Platform

After the effects of the pandemic, people are getting frustrated due to financial and mental instability. It has become crucial to stay at home as much as possible to save the country from this deadly virus. It has become a dream to visit malls and theatres now. Is it possible to spend hundreds of rupees on a single movie when the whole country is economically struggling? What to do then?

You can watch lightweight movies based on action-comedy or drama through online platforms for your mental peace and relaxation. You can stream Telugu movies online free on OTT platforms such as the Aha app for such comedy films in your favourite Telugu language. One such recommended movie by the app is:

Nenu Rowdy Ne

Pandiyan, popularly called PondyPandi, is the son of an honest police inspector named P. MeenaKumari in Pondicherry. He is friendly and grew up spending time with most criminals despite being the son of a police inspector. When he reached adulthood, he becomes an incompetent thug, unknown to his mother.

One day, Pandi and his friends cross the path of a deaf woman named Kadhambari and Pandi falls in love at first sight with her. Coincidentally, her father is also an honest police officer named Ravikumar. Going in a flashback before 15 years, Ravikumar was a sub-inspector in pursuit of a dreaded gangster named Killivallavan, aka Killi. He arrested Killi in public. Killi retaliated and slapped Ravi while he was shopping with his daughter Kathambari. To clean out the city from crime, Ravi arrested all the members of the gang of Killi. Getting furious upon the act, Killi sent explosives wrapped as a gift in Ravi's home. The explosion killed his wife and snatched away the hearing ability of Kathambari. For his daughter's safety, he took a transfer to some other state and didn't return until now for his last year of service.

After a couple of days, Kathambari asks Pandi to help her find Ravi, who has not been in contact. Pandi discovers the fact that Ravikumar was killed by Killi on the same night when he met Kathambari. He chose not to disclose the truth as it will upset her. After a week, the truth is revealed to Kathambari, and she goes after Killi to seek revenge for her father's death. Pandi assures his assistance to restrain Killi while she kills him. Pandi invites his friends and makes a plan with Kathambari to kill Killi. Eventually, the schedule gets foiled up due to Killi's political rival, Mansoor, as he wants to contest the election in a few days. This enraged the gang of Pandi, and they stepped out to help him or Kathambari further.

She insists that Pandi step out too and attack Killi alone, where he knocks her consciousness out. Meanwhile, Pandi reaches to help Kathambari to kill the gangster together but fails. At that moment, Mansoor arrives at the scene and starts a fierce fight with Killi.

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