Core Training Workouts

When anyone of us feels that we need to reduce some weight the very first thing which comes to anyone’s mind is abdominal. People have this illusion that only working on abdominal will reduce the weight. But it is not so.

There are other parts too which require a proper workout plan for getting an over all result. Our body’s muscles mainly are in shoulders, spine and pelvis etc so a proper exercise is essential for the good results. A good workout plan should be the one which include a workload on each and every part of the body so that the best result will come out.

A Strong Core is Important

The core of the body is very important and it should be very strong, as it gives and protection to the back. A weak core may cause lower back pain and poor posture. By taking work from each and every muscle one can keep the entire body healthy strong and the core will be healthy too as shown here.

Core Training Workouts to Try

The core can be kept healthy and strong by proper exercising. That exercise you can do at home without equipments also but if you are a member of any gym you will be more benefited by specialized machines and instruments.

Without Equipment

Following are some of the exercises which one can perform without equipments:

Sit-ups- there is hardly anyone to whom we will find loving sit-ups. But it’s a truth that sit ups really plays a vital role in making your Abs.

Crunches- it does not work on your entire body but just head and upper back has to uplift from ground. Just you have to put your hands behind your head and move a bit upward.

Hip lifts- for this exercise you just need to lie down on floor and keep your legs straight. Put your palms on the ground and let your muscles feel the pain.

Straight leg raise- lie on the floor and extend your legs up to six inches from the ground. Keep them straight until and unless you haven’t point towards ceiling.

Push-ups- one can do push ups by touching hand to feet or can use the modern technique say hands and knees touching the floor. You have to keep your back straight through out the procedure.

With Equipment

As per, other exercises you have to perform with equipments, which are as following:

Decline sit ups- here you need an inclined bench. Lie down by keeping your head towards floor. Allow some one to hold your legs or cross it around bench. Cross your hands around your chest or keep them behind your head. First rise up and then try to touch the bench.

Crunches on ball- second activity you can perform is crunches on the ball. Just lie down on the ball and allow your feet to place flat on the ground and make a ninety degrees angle along with your knees. Start doing crunches but one thing you have to take care that you have to maintain a balance of ball and for this make a good balance of your back and head on the ball.