Know About the Best PHP Development Framework of the Year

As you know that PHP is an open source framework, it has gained a lot of fame. The language works exceptionally well for the development of websites. In today’s time, almost 80% of the sites use PHP as a scripting language. But, you have a lot of PHP frameworks available at software development company Austin and you may get confused about which one you should go for. It is very important to find out which PHP framework will work best for you.

Here are top popular and highly used PHP frameworks which you should choose as per your convenience. Take a look at them in detail.

  1. Laravel: It is an open source PHP framework which was invented by Taylor Otwell and crafted for web application development. It comes with several inbuilt features. The framework can work with complex web application safely and it quicker in comparison to the other frameworks. Some of the specs of Laravel comprise of high security, MVC support, data migration and several more.
  1. CodeIgniter: It is famous for its small footprint and it recommended for the development of dynamic sites. There are some specs which make it highly popular and used PHP frameworks by the php development firm such as: MVC architecture support, no need of server, simple to understand, built-in libraries, safety tools, simple to install functionality and other pool of features. It is highly popular and one of the best PHP frameworks.
  1. Symfony: This framework was released in 2005. It is a reputed and mature framework. It has a lot of features, namely flexibility, reliability, big community, great support and more which makes it a famous and successfully programming framework.
  1. CakePHP: If you are looking for something which is simple yet elegant, then go nowhere, other than hiring a dedicated cakephp developer. CakePHP is just the perfect platform for you. It helps in the development of feature filled, amazing websites. It is one of the simplest PHP frameworks to understand. Some of the benefits of CakePHP are: it is easy to install and simple to use. It is simple to learn and comes with in-built security features. Because it has so many amazing features, it widely in practice by PHP development firms
  1. Yii: It is an easy and revolutionary PHP framework used for the development of modern websites. It is highly recommended for all types of web solutions. Some of its features are: it is simple to install, offers amazing performance and is highly extensible. It also has testing provision which makes it one of the best PHP frameworks.


These are most widely used PHP frameworks. They have all the features which are necessary for advanced web application development. CakePHP, Laravel and CodelIgniter are the most used frameworks by software development company Austin. All you need to do is choose a reliable firm which has expertise in all the frameworks and outsource your project in the desired framework you want to get their best services at the best rate.