Psychological Therapy for Depression near Me: Know where to find help


Have you ever come across a person who looks depressed and distracted? Have you ever seen your friend being bullied and further trying to end his life? Don't hesitate to tell them that you are there for them and suicide is no solution to depression. 

Whatever has caused depression can only be cured gradually and patiently by putting the problems into pieces and understanding every piece of the cause of depression. Depression is not just a one-day illness, and rather, it's a result of prolonged sadness and guilt.

The causes of depression can be anything. Some may experience depression due to the death of a beloved, some because of prolonged illness or side effects of a high dosage drug, or some because of loneliness, the reason can be anything, which can't be listed altogether. However, some of the leading causes of depression, which are frequently talked about, are mentioned below:


  • Grief: This can happen from a multitude of reasons. There are instances which can deeply affect an individual adversely which later on leads to depression.
  • Abuse: Sexual harassment, molestation, mental abuse, can cause depression to the accused if she/he is not offered intensive care and love.
  • Medications: Medicines if taken (regularly) without consultation, can increase the chances of depression.
  • Loneliness: Being boycotted from social groups, friends, and even family can cause severe mental disorder to oneself. Loneliness for a longer time can result in depression.


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What can depression lead a person to do?


  • Suicides: The widespread solution that a depressed person thinks of is to attempt suicide. Because they are surrounded by pessimism, they feel no ray of hope in survival and try to end their lives
  • Self-harming: The other option they choose is to inflict pain to their body because of guilt and anger. Cutting hands, thrashing head on walls are some of the examples of self-harm.
  • Drug Addiction: Drug addiction is another common and trending way the depressed people choose nowadays. Drugs make them feel good; however, in reality, they are the killers. They don't kill pain, in fact, they kill the person by making them dependent on that illegal stuff.


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