Tips for Getting A Good Deal When Selling Your Unwanted Gold Jewellery

A lot of women end up with more jewellery in their collection than they actually need or will ever wear in a couple of months or years.  If this is you then it's time to think about downsizing your jewellery box and sell gold Brisbane.

Sometimes, people buy gold jewellery for others who aren't into jewellery and sometimes people inherit jewellery that aren't quite their style. Instead of hanging on to jewellery you have no use for, you can sell gold jewellery Brisbane.

Instead of Googling “getting cash for your jewellery" you should know a little bit more about what you are getting yourself into so you can avoid being scammed.

Gold buyers will buy any kinds of jewellery regardless of condition. Most people sell gold items such as:

- Necklaces

- Bracelets

- Gold rings

- Gold Watches

- Gold bullion coins and bars

Before you sell gold jewellery Brisbane, you need to ensure that you are doing justice to get the best price. Know what you are selling and how much the spot price or melt value is

Gold jewellery is often made with other metals alloyed to make it harder. You are likely to find jewellery made of 9-18 Karat, once the purity goes above 22 karat, the gold becomes too soft, easy to scratch and hence not suitable for jewellery. You need to know the melt value so you know what you can expect to get for the purity of your gold jewellery. You will need to weigh the gold first and use that weight to calculate the melt value of your gold item.

You need to understand that the spot price of gold changes all the time. What your jewellery is worth today may not be the same as what you will get in a week or a month. You need to know the exact spot price on the specific date you sell it to a buyer so you don't get scammed.

Get a valuation

It will help if you can have your gold jewellery valued. Look at the hallmarks to determine its purity and then weigh it. Make sure that you separate different karats before you take your gold to a buyer. It is always helpful to have a valuation before you take up any offer. You have a right to have your gold returned if you decide not to accept the offer being made to you.

Compare Prices and Experiences

When you sell gold jewellery Brisbane, you need to treat it like a business transaction. You should not take the first offer you get. Get as many as price offers as you can. Take your jewellery to at least three different gold buyers.

Don't be afraid to haggle for the price

If you think you can get more than what is being offered, you should not be afraid to haggle. If there are several gold buyers in your area competing for the same business you may find a couple of them willing to negotiate a good price for your gold jewellery especially if you have a lot of jewellery to sell.

Do sell gold online

Don't be afraid to try online gold buyers especially if you live in an area that has few buyers around. You could try selling on auction sites like eBay but before you do that make sure you understand how the process works.

Don't base your choice on money alone

Before you choose a buyer make sure you don't only base your decision on money alone. Sometimes the price might be slightly lower, but it might be that the company is easy to deal with, that they have excellent customer care or pay you in cash compared with bank EFT.

Some jewellers have a buyback policy and if you still have the jewellery in good condition with receipts, you may be able to sell it back to the jeweller in exchange for new jewellery. However, most jewellers end up selling that jewellery to other gold buyers that you could find yourself n Brisbane to sell your gold jewellery to

Getting cash for your gold jewellery is not hard at all and it's something you should really consider if you have gold you don't need lying about.