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Have an Enjoyable Holiday by Visiting These Areas in Semarang

Semarang can be your perfect place to go for a holiday. Read more to know where to go to have an enjoyable holiday in Semarang.

  1. Umbul Sidomukti

Situated on the foot of Mount Ungaran, the Umbul Sidomukti was primarily built to relish the beautiful shapes of the scene at Semarang Atas. With a military grade cyber barrier course, it's guaranteed to challenge even the bravest spirits. Fly throughout a valley more than a hundred meters apart onto a pipeline, or crawl the way onto a rope bridge dangling thirteen stories over the valley floor.

If you're trying to find a more relaxing solution to relish the landscape, have a dip in the spring water stone pools directly throughout the cafeteria. Made up of ascending layers, it produces a natural view of the town below.

Just cannot get enough of this mountainous landscape? The Umbul Sidomukti offers lodging options also. Make sure to reserve in advance as they're usually fully booked during the year!

Outbound Package: IDR 40,000 (USD 3)

Telephone: 0828-9203-1261

  1. Eling Bening

As a favorite place for weddings, the Eling Bening is quickly gaining a reputation as Semarang's go-to place for the very best vantage point from the Ambarawa district.

Acres of spacious gardens permit you to take from the surrounding air and refreshing cold mountain air as you enjoy a hot meal beneath the mountain.

You could even enjoy a great view of Lake Rawa Pening beneath, framed from the surrounding mountains using a twisting road down the center.

Local cuisine is served every day from the minimalist restaurant, in which you can certainly snap a great deal of beautiful Instagrammable pictures!

Eling Bening also adopts the idea of a household leisure park. Therefore you're free to bring your own picnic basket and put a mat out on the bud to actually enjoy the cold weather.

Kids can roam about and try out a variety of actions from flying fox to archery, even though you can sit back and relax with a hot beverage.

Should you dare brave the cold, you can also jump to the pools for a swim!

Contact: 0857-2956-5656

Opening hours07:00-19:00

  1. Genting Kendal

Not for the weak hearted, river tubing is as rewarding as it's dangerous, particularly when you're hurrying down a mountain flow toaster using boulders.

After strapping on security gear from the home base, your trip starts with a 15-minute increase through the forests to reach the beginning stage, where a class of 13 rapids expects you. It is a real test of your endurance and endurance to remain concentrated for an entire 2 hours!

You will find calmer waters involving the rapids, decorated with a few of the strangest rock formations located symmetrically along either side of the lake. Neatly stacked and packaged together, they almost seem man-made! It's even considered that a shaman ordered them for reasons yet unknown.

Following a grueling fight with the currents, then cool at a neighborhood'warung' with a few teas and then fill up having a hot serving of cup noodles.

Are you up for the battle?

Costs: IDR 45,000 (USD 3.38)

Contact: 0856-4270-5606

Opening hours09:00-17:00