Finer Options for the best Garden Building

The metal is retained for storage or tidying up. These sheds are often unsightly and look like an industrial shed. However, metal shelters are a wise choice because often assembly and maintenance are greatly facilitated and they are inexpensive. Here again, the use is decisive in the choices available to you. On the finishing side, the steel is galvanized and then lacquered for a better rendering.

Even if the metal shelters are given without maintenance, corrosion appears after a few years (and more quickly at seaside for reasons of salt air). It is then advisable to apply anti-rust or iron paint to them. You can choose by visiting

Garden shed in resin or PVC

Resin or PVC is a good compromise that can combine the aesthetics of wood and the ease of assembly of metal. However, choose a quality PVC that is resistant to UV and temperature changes. While a large choice of colors and design is offered, the resin or PVC chalet is not repairable.

  • This material is especially appreciated for its zero maintenance (cleaning with water) and its resistance to humidity (recommended in humid and rainy regions).
  • Again, think smart: choose your cover according to the exposure of your garden shed. If the area is wet, avoid sheet steel and prefer tarred plates. And if the garden shed is exposed to all winds, be sure to stick the shingle well.
  • For the more eco-friendly, there are even garden sheds with green roofs that allow you to recover a few square meters of greenery.
  • Also, and especially on large-area garden sheds, the installation of gutters is a plus (and why not a water collector?) And ensures better drainage of rainwater.

Shelter styles: between Norwegian chalet and cottage

Different styles of garden sheds and chalets stand out. Most garden sheds are made of wood or steel with one or even two doors and a two-sided roof; their use is essentially geared towards storage. However, garden sheds are available in different styles:

  • Rustic Norwegian chalet style
  • Traditional raw wood
  • Contemporary flat roof
  • Cottage for an artisanal chalet style etc.

Many styles and models allow you to match the garden shed or cottage with your home. Keep in mind, however, that the style is often a function of the material and that the variations of garden sheds are most often made of wood.

Fixings and anchoring to the ground of a garden shed

Anchor and fixing bracket

Do not neglect anchoring your chalet to the ground, whether it is on the ground or against your house in the case of a small storage space. Each year, many garden sheds are blown off by the wind for lack of correct fixing and this can cause significant damage. Do not hesitate to use fixing plates and brackets securely fixed to a concrete slab using lag screws or dowels. Combine these fixings with an anchoring kit designed to encircle the garden shed. These kits are composed of strapping or wire, tensioners and quick links.