Nail Polish Solutions You Can Adore So Much

Adopted by more and more women looking for a long-lasting product, the semi-permanent varnish is based on its acrylic gel composition to last up to 3 weeks after application. Lighter than false nails, it offers an interesting make-up asset to all those who use their feet and hands to enhance their ends. With it, natural effect and resistance to any test guaranteed.

The only downside to its use is that it requires special care when applying it, a little equipment and some organization to take advantage of its beauty bonus. Likewise, its elimination requires patience and method. In this article, we offer you an explanatory guide that details all the milestones of your future love affair with your nail polish. After reading it, all you have to do is get your hands on your nails! Here is how to apply semi permanent varnish on your nails

Prepare your nails well before applying your semi permanent nail polish

In manicure, preparation is essential if we want to obtain a satisfactory result while preserving the health of our extremities. Before applying your polish, make sure you have all the necessary tools and products at your fingertips, here is the exhaustive list:

  • a nail file, a polishing block and a cuticle pusher
  • a base coat (to be applied before the semi-permanent varnish)
  • a nail cleaner
  • a spatula
  • a UV or LED lamp
  • a semi permanent nail polish
  • a top coat varnish (to be applied last)

Once these elements are put together, make yourself comfortable and start to carefully file your nails to give them a harmonious shape. Then push back your cuticles to give them a nice curvature. To improve the adhesion of the varnish, polish the surface of your nails to "level the ground" then apply the nail cleaner which will degrease the areas to be treated. Visit for the best results.


Acetone is often essential

You probably think that it is possible to remove the varnish with the nail polish remover, but the reality is clearly different. You will have all the most interesting tips, but also that of acetone. This product should be used with the utmost care so as not to cause rather problematic damage.

  • You should buy acetone especially from online stores dedicated to the beauty world.
  • You are forced to dissolve the polish so that it separates more easily from your nail.
  • It is then necessary to opt for the soaking method or that of the papillotes, it is necessary to carry out the two techniques to identify the best one.
  • Remember to use a hand cream, as acetone can be very unpleasant and this product dries out.

So that the varnish can be removed, it is essential to be patient, especially for soaking. You should allow more than 15 minutes, which is quite a long time and this time is suggested for the best configurations. It is sometimes doubled when the varnishes are not of good quality, then they attacked your nail. It is for this reason that you must absolutely use products suitable for your hands.