Modern Decorating Trends and Iron Doors

Iron doors have long been a central feature in home and business designs. They're often seen prominently in classic and vintage decor, but that's not the only styles they can work with. Modern iron doors offer a balance between old-world rugged creation and eye-catching or daring design principles. Here are four ways that you can capitalize on modern trends when choosing an iron door.

Geometry In Action

The right geometric design can really pull together a space. It offers a striking counterpoint to what's in the room. Geometric designs will also naturally draw the eye.

Take a look at the room and think of the overall effect you're going for. If you want to open the space up, pick a door which features thinner ironwork. For a bolder statement, look for thick and dark pieces of metal. These make a bigger impact when contrasted against the glass.

A Modern Twist On Classics

The design world has never been shy about drawing inspiration from the past. However, for the most modern look, you'll want a door that updates classic patterns and shapes instead of copying them. One option here is to find pieces that contrast curving lines with angular details. You can also offer a vintage-modern twist with bright brass hardware including doorknobs.

Striking the Right Balance

To add more modern visual interest, take a look at doors that break free of symmetrical or highly stylized mold. One bold option here is an off-center or asymmetrical pattern. This is a striking statement that can turn a door into a major focal point in a room's design. You can also look at how the door's design uses negative space. Older-fashioned styles tend to have tightly clustered details, which can be overwhelming. For modern looks, less is more.

Consider Color

Iron doors are traditionally a dark color, often black. This has its place, but the traditional color choice is not your only option. You can also add a nod to modern design concepts by exploring other colors. Bronze and pewter shades are both very popular this year. They have a subtle sheen, warmth, and natural glamor that radiates understated elegance.

Where Can You Find Modern Iron Doors?

Modern design meets old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship at Exclusive Iron Doors. We manufacture in-house and carry a wide selection of bold, geometric-infused styles that are a great fit for homes and cutting edge businesses alike. If you can't find the perfect piece in our catalog, please contact us about custom work. We can create pieces in a variety of dimensions and designs. Our experienced assistants will be happy to talk to you about the project.