Is Soundcloud The Best Music Network Or Should I Choose Another One?

Are you a talented musician? Are you trying to become a successful one and make a living doing what you love? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re talking about the ways of creating a successful profile on some of the music networks made for your rising stars like yourself. If you want to see how much music stars make, click here.

Which one is the best?

Even though there are other networks with more users and more visitors, the best one is still and without a doubt – SoundCloud. The reason we say this is because it is the best plays to promote your work and get recognized no matter the genre.

This platform was made in Berlin, Germany, in 2007. It is now the leading place for young musicians. Some of them managed to make careers by only promoting their work here. Without the help of huge marketing companies or managers who do everything for them. No expensive producers or cooperation with already successful artists.

When these people started experimenting, the network still didn’t have so many users as it has today. It’s the home to more than 75 million users and 175 million visitors each month. The numbers are staggering for a place that started small.

If you want to start and become a success fast, you need to buy Soundcloud plays and create an image of already being successful. This way you’ll differ from the crowd not being able to get a single play or like.

When someone influential come to your profile to check out what you do, chances are much bigger to be shared or reposted by them if they see that you already made a breakthrough and you have a fan base that already listens to your tracks.

The competition

Other web pages promoting and playing music also have the same option. The difference is that it is proven to work best on SoundCloud. For example, YouTube is a place of over a billion people visiting it at least once a month. You’d say that it’s impossible not to be seen when a billion people lurk through the network.

Not really. It’s quite the opposite. All these people go to that network to listen to already promoted and popular music. It’s really rare people to get crazy after an artist that is trying to make a breakthrough on YouTube.

On the other hand, SoundCloud is a community where people who are eager to be seen and heard are appreciated. The community likes these guys and can’t wait to hear what they have to offer. It’s the base of alternative and underground music.

However, very often, artists that made it big here become a global success and get recognized on other networks too. Take the song Gucci Gang, for example, it made almost billion views on YouTube and only 130 million on SoundCloud. Click the link to learn more about this:

The artist, Lil Pump, started its career on this platform where the community accepted him because of his style and rhythm. Now he has his schedule overbooked and charges a lot of money for showing up somewhere and perform.

What to do if you want to make it fast?

What you have to do first is to make sure you do great music. Without it, everything else is pointless. You can have the best marketing team in the world, if you have nothing to show for, they won’t be able to do any of the magic.

If you’re sure that you have a few excellent tracks, next is to make your profile look classy. Buy some plays and likes and create an image of success.

Then, create a profile on different social networks and make sure you promote your SoundCloud profile there. Sync them all together and make sure followers on different places will be able to find you easily on the place where you make music.


The best plays for creating and promoting music is SoundCloud without competition. It’s the only place that encourages young creative artists to make tracks driven by their imagination and ideas.

Unlike other places that are obsessed with getting more visitors, getting more views, more registered users, and everything is focused on profits, and by all means, this network’s main purpose is to create new waves, new genres, create new stars and make the alternative scene more relevant.

Of course, you can find all sorts of music on SoundCloud. There are over 200 million tracks available and you can only imagine what kinds of gems can be found if you start digging deep in the history of uploaded tracks.

The point is, this is definitely the best music social network and the platform for promoting your music. It’s the ultimate place in the search for success.