What You Should Know when Buying Quartz Countertops

Today, more and more homeowners are investing in quartz countertops, particularly those who want for a change in their kitchen countertops. Installing the perfect quartz countertops will provide you with lots of benefits besides aesthetics. But, just like buying other products, you need to learn as much about these products to make an informed decision.

Quartz is a bit more expensive than granite, depending on the level of granite you are comparing it to. Often, it is comparable to purchasing marble, although it can be more expansive at times. Different variables determine the final price including thickness, the amount of mater you need, quartz level, and design intricacy.

Finding the Perfect Place to Buy Quartz Countertop

The best place to buy quartz countertops is one that takes care of the sale, fabrication, design, and installation. The company may have skilled artisans who can handle your countertop restoration and installation. Should something go wrong with your project, you only need to contact one company. Also, a countertop store that has been in business for many years can provide you with samples or testimonies from previous clients. Getting Kitchen Wholesalers quartz countertops will ensure you get high-quality products and customer service.

Quartz Durability

Quartz countertops are produced by combining 93 percent ground quartz with 7 percent materials, polymers, and colours. Such mixture allows a significant selection of colours that look like natural stone. But, the process to make these engineered stones is not just about the colour.  The main objective is to produce a highly durable product that does not require sealing.

Quartz vs Granite

Quartz is as durable as granite. But, they are not completely similar. Both quartz and granite are stones, only granite is 100 percent natural. Because quartz is made with resins and polymers, they are impermeable and unnatural. But, quartz countertops are not susceptible to stains. Meanwhile, granite is entirely natural and could be very porous. Thus, it requires regular sealing to prevent the development of spots.

If you are wondering to choose quartz or granite, consider if you prefer a natural product or one that requires less sealing. Do you prefer more natural colours or more unique and contemporary colours to design your kitchen? Your answers will help you make the right decision. The best thing you can do is to visit a showroom and see the materials in full slab form and consult with a professional about pros and cons of each material for your project.