All You Need to Know About Dana White Torpedoes Joe Rogan's Latest Superstar Theory

The UFC boss Dana White has torpedoed all the theories and speculations as made by the commentator of UFC, Joe Rogan regarding latest superstars. This statement of Dana White has been making headlines in the UFC News and at the same time Joe Rogan has his feelings of embarrassment.

Joe's comment came at the end of the match between Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis at UFC 241, where Nate Diaz was declared victorious after a fight lasting 3 rounds. Nate Diaz, who is at number 6 in UFC Rankings of Welterweight category, was wrestling in the octagon after three long years, after he had lost a match to Conor McGregor in 2016. Joe Rogan then said that it was good to see that the former UFC Superstar was getting all the love and respect that he deserved, after a long time.

This made Dana White make a statement that whatever Joe Rogan is saying is merely his personal opinion and as per him, Nate Diaz is not a superstar by any chance. He affirmed that UFC has nothing big for Nate Diaz, not even under planning. Also, he said that Nate is currently unhooked and is likely to remain like that for another three years, signifying his strong stand and ending all the speculations.

This was a strong and firm response to the UFC commentator for his remarks and there's been no other reaction from him as of late. Also, Conor McGregor has also made a statement regarding Nate Diaz and has advised him to look for other plans to make money. As per Conor, Nate Diaz is no longer fit to wrestle the big guys of UFC and he should shun all of his plans and stop training to feature in the octagon.

Now that such remarks have come from the Boss himself, it is unlikely that he will have his next match this year. He might even leave UFC, just like some other big names in the industry.