Curtain Cleaning Processes to Make your Curtains as Good as New

If you are in need of high-quality curtain cleaning, then it is of utmost importance that you look for the right professional services. We are all aware that curtains are extremely important when it comes to decorating your house. At the same time, they provide shade from the sunlight for the house’s interior.

Therefore, given its importance, curtains need to be properly cleaned before being used again. However, the task is laborious and time-consuming. Therefore, you need the right support from professional services who offer special care in cleaning curtains without damaging them.

How Often Should the Curtains be Cleaned?

A number of factors lead to the need for curtain cleaning. For instance, it can depend on the material or the fabric of the curtains, the amount of dust that has accumulated and the cleaning methods opted. If you close your windows for most of the time during the different seasons, then your curtains get less dirty. In such a case, your curtains can be cleaned once every two months.

On the other hand, if you live in a well-ventilated room with the windows open most of the time, then every 15 days the curtains need to be well-cleaned. In such cases, occasional vacuuming may come up useful. But if you require proper cleaning processes, you will need to hire a professional curtain cleaning team. You can visit to learn more about curtain cleaning and tips to choose the right cleaning company.

Different Kinds of Professional Curtain Cleaning

There are different curtain laundry services or professional curtain cleaning services in Singapore. Opting for any of them will get the work done for you.

There are different kinds of curtain cleaning solutions that professional services can offer you, be it steam cleaning, dry cleaning or hot water extraction process. They are apt in every one of them and hence, you can expect the best quality cleaning solutions from them now. They do not compromise with the quality of the curtain cleaning process, which make them indispensable to the work.

Professional Curtain Cleaning Options:

Dry Cleaning Process

In this process, there are two ways that the curtains can be cleaned. In the first one, the curtains are transported from the house to the cleaning company indoors and taken through in-depth cleaning. The other process can be carried out in the client’s house with specialized equipment that has been brought and used there.

Steam Cleaning Process

This cleaning process is carried out for curtains that are too heavy to be taken down. While they stay hanging, special instruments are used in the steam cleaning process to ensure that they are well-cleaned.

Hot Water Extraction Process

This is the third process which is used for those that cannot be cleaned with hot water. In this case, a special solution is prepared and used for the curtains. After washing the curtains with it, specific equipment is used to extract the hot water out of the curtain, which also helps to remove all the dust and dirt.

When you are in Singapore, you don’t need to travel anywhere when it comes to cleaning your curtains. Just choose any of the professional services online and they will complete your work for you.