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On the other hand, the players are also in charge of discovering the value of the Point's hand, that is, the one that represents the Player, although you must be very clear that not all 14 players are the ones who do this task, but rather that it is a privilege. of the player who places the highest bet for this hand.

Likewise, it is something very outstanding in the live game that the slot99 player who has earned the privilege of revealing the Punto's hand with the style he wishes. In other words, you can discover the card little by little, you can do it quickly, etc.

How to play it?

After knowing all these details of the game we must finish giving you some indications or data so that you can play it:

Cards and their value: this is the first thing you must be very clear about when participating in live baccarat. Thus, the value of the Ace is 1 and that of the 10, the J, the K and the K is 0. As for the numbered cards, from 2 to 9, they maintain their same value.

  • The main rule when determining value: hands must have a value between 0 and 9, as a maximum score. If the score is 10 or more, it is necessary to subtract 10 to achieve the indicated range, from 0 to 9.
  • General rules: the player cannot decide whether to ask for more cards or not, since the rules state that he is only enabled to bet on the hand he believes will win. This must be done before the cards are dealt.

Live baccarat bets:

Finally, you have to know that as a player you can choose 3 different bets. You can bet because the Player's hand will win, because the Banker's hand will win or because there will be a tie. The first 2 bets pay 1 to 1 and the tie, being less likely, pays 8 to 1. Of course, you have to know that if you bet on the Bank to come out the winner will charge the player a commission.

  • Now that you know these details of live baccarat it is necessary that we enter to talk about its advantages, which are not few.
  • Thus, one of the first advantages that we must mention in general is the wide betting limits that these tables usually handle.

On the other hand, we must also mention the great gaming experience that it allows to have and that is that the live game is much more exciting due to all the rituals that take part in it and that cannot be appreciated in the electronic game. In addition, the gaming experience is enriched by the excitement and contact of the other players present and with the dealer, as well as the style used by the chosen player to reveal the Point's hand.

Play free live Baccarat

Among these advantages, we cannot ignore the possibilities that online casinos offer their players today, and that is that the game of live baccarat is clearly present in their offerings. Likewise, within these offers, the option of baccarat bonuses stands out, which are casino bonuses for new players that multiply your first deposit , or no deposit bonuses that give you real money without having made any deposit before. You can also check our exclusive bonuses.


There is also, almost always, the option to play the free demo of a game. But this is not the case with live casino games, since they require betting with real money. So it is not possible to play live baccarat for free without taking advantage of a bonus.